Work From Home Hacks

Stay vibrant and resilient with Transcend during the life-threatening challenge.

2020 is tough. From single individuals like you and me, to cross-border enterprises, we are all impacted more or less by the pandemic. Businesses around the world are forced to implement work-from-home policies. It may seem like quite a luxury to work from the comfort of home, but extra effort is needed to stay focused and efficient. No one really knows when the pandemic will pass, so it’s best to be prepared for the long term. If you are working from home while reading this, Transcend recommends the following to stay motivated!

Boost Performance

Being productive is a top priority for working from home. The first key to working smarter is to make sure your devices are prepped and ready to go. Transcend's SSDs let your devices handle even a heavy workload. High transfer speeds prevent system lag and slowdowns, and promote a smoother, sleeker, more productive workflow.

Various form factors and interfaces including 2.5" SSDs, PCIe M.2 SSDs, SATA III M.2 SSDs, and mSATA SSDs.

Lightweight, big storage space, and diverse styles that fit your taste.

Create a comfy workspace

Designate an area in your home as your workspace. Then make sure your devices are powered up and within reach. Remove clutter—a space that is both comfortable and helps you stay focused best optimizes your performance.

Say no to pajamas

"Dress for success" isn't just a catchphrase for the executive suite. It's also true for working from home. It's more than just outward appearance. Attitude counts, too. So expressing your commitment to work through your attire will let others know that you value them and your work as well.

Exercise during your would-be commute

One benefit for working from home is less commuting stress. Make the most of the time saved by doing a workout, yoga, or stretching. You will feel fresher and more vitalized, greatly enhancing your productivity.

Stay Connected

Working remotely means less facetime with people, so an effort must be made to keep in touch. Try to communicate more frequently or set up regular video chats with colleagues and superiors so that you stay in the loop. Transcend's StoreJet® Cloud series is an ideal connectivity solution. Large storage capacity and high transfer speeds allow you to share files and data anywhere in the world securely. You and your colleagues can have total control over key data and files right at your fingertips.

Large space and high transfer speeds offer you secure central data management.


Effective communication is crucial during this time. Apart from sending an email to your coworkers, why not give them a videocall? Face-to-face discussion helps you connect on a deeper level, and give and get feedback right away.

Stay socialized

Even though social distancing is critical during the pandemic, there are safe ways to be social! Chitchat with colleagues and friends via video chat and social media. Host an online happy hour and catch up with your friends and coworkers!

Family matters

Don't ignore your family by just thinking that being in the same house counts as together time. Plan some home activities and engage your family members. You'll see dividends immediately.

Meet All Your Needs Conveniently

Maybe you've had your laptop for a few years and it's getting sluggish when you're running demanding tasks. Even your desktop is slow and laggy when you're working and have too many browser tabs open while you're also in an online meeting with your team. Multi-tasking at home is not easy when your devices aren't up to the task, so Transcend provides DRAM Modules to help you upgrade your computers in a flash. You'll see your efficiency soar immediately.

Made from the top-tier DRAM chips, Transcend DRAM modules deliver stable performance and durability.

Say NO to TV

Are you a TV addict or couch potato? Turn off TV and log out of all streaming platforms while you work! This helps you stay more focused. Your favorite films and TV series will still be there when you're done. You can binge-watch after work.

Set rules

Working at home means family will be there all the time: your kids, husband, parents, and even your pet. To be more efficient at work, set ground rules so that you are not interrupted during working hours.

You are not an octopus!

Spending all day at home, you might suddenly realize all the chores that need to be done. Don't let these thoughts interrupt during working hours. Get these things done before or after work.


At home, you've got to have everything just the way you need it. Transcend meets all your work needs with its Hub series. You can connect peripherals such as mice, keyboards, USB flash drives, external hard drives and portable SSDs. High transfer speed allows you to complete tasks seamlessly.

All-in-one design and compact size make Transcend hub series an ideal solution for the busy you!

Make a schedule and set boundaries

Working from home doesn't mean working all the time. Don't let your strong sense of responsibility overwhelm you. Make a schedule and set boundaries to gain a work-life balance. Now is definitely not a good time to be worn out.

Create an ergonomic setup

An ergonomic setup is basic, but easy to overlook. Start with your desk height, monitor placement, and posture. You body will thank you for the effort spent on solid home-office ergonomics.

Eat healthy

Working at home without any external clues, you might find yourself suddenly hungry only to discover it's already 2 in the afternoon. While instant noodles are a quick solution, preparing a proper meal will leave you more satisfied and give you the energy you need.

As the world freaks out, staying calm, healthy, and positive is even more important. Living our life safely and healthily is the immediate action we can do to make the world better. Under this unprecedented time, Transcend is always here for you!

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